Friday, October 2, 2009


I found something that almost made me FAINT!!
Have you ever heard of Coastal Scents Makeup??!?!?!
I was on youtube checking out some makeup videos, and came across lovekisses99's channel.
She was doing a back to school tutorial in August and she used an 88 shade warm palette from Coastal Scents, now I'm thinking, this is expensive, because aint nobody selling no 88 shades for under at least 100 bucks! So I went to the website and saw that it was super CHEAP!!
Ya'll, an 88 shade eyeshadow palette (YES! 88 SHADES!! AAAHH!) for ONLY $18.95!!
I am ordering as we speak!
Im so happy!
Here's the web address:
Get yours today!!!!!!!

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