Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coastal Scents Mini Haul!

I got my brushes in on Friday, from Coastal Scents!!!
Here are the ones I ordered:
Bronzer Buff Brush (Black)
Price: $4.69
Solid Oval Eyeshadow Brush (Pink)
Price: $2.39
Blending Brush (Black)
Price: $2.99
I think I might've ordered the last one ya'll, it says its out of stock! :-(
But you can find a blending brush anywhere, probably not as cheap as this one, but you can always wait until they're back in stock..
I spent only 12.49! (including S&H)
I love the brushes and I have ordered more products from this site, so I will have another mini haul when they get in! :-)

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