Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday: Lazy Day

Okay so, today I stayed at home and really did nothing but hang in my uncle's downstairs studio, watch him work on some music for a film, and I also got the opportunity to write to one of his songs...so I had a pretty productive day, as far as music goes! I'm having a good time here..so far its been a productive trip.
I'm getting lots of advice on music, college, and life in general!
I love my family and love coming to visit!

Okay, so now for some Duchess of Cheap business...lol
I'm hoping to do some more shopping on Friday, but if not, I won't be mad, I'll just go in Atlanta!
I can come back to NY anytime I please, && that's the beauty of having a retired flight attendant for a mom! :-)

Till tomorrow,

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