Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Happening?!

Hey ya'll!

I have never been sooooo busy in my 19 years of life!
Let me update ya'll a little bit!:

-Well, I started COSMETOLOGY school! YAY ME! Today was my first day. I was nervous, but that passed QUICKLY, LOL. I'm looking into the future; because I've got BIG dreams! :-)

(How this ties into "Duchess of CHEAP!"? I received my SALLY'S Student Discount card! So I can get beauty products for little or nothing! AAAAHHH! Annnnd, upon my graduation I can finally apply for a MAC Pro card! Whooo! Paradise found.)

Cosmetology Pictures, Images and Photos
- I got a new puppy! A teacup Chihuahua named "Bisou", It means "kiss" in French! I am soooo in love with her ya'll! She's so spoiled, eats and sleeps all day...She's really the cutest little thing EVER!

-I got a job! At Crazy 8 (Gymboree sister store), so I can support my makeup obsession!! LOL

And that's all, hopefully I will find time to do more on my blog..but right life is on this train that AIN'T stopping baby!!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey Ya'll!

I been gone toooooo long! Did ya miss me? Probably not, but ANYWHOOOOO...LOL!

I have been rethinking my blog and Youtube channel. What should I do? What do you all want to see? Should I continue to do hauls and makeup tutorials? Or should I do like daily or weekly episodes? HELP!!!!!

Any suggestions??