Saturday, September 12, 2009


Last night, my mom and I went to the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston Tx. to see Tyler Perry's new film "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" (GREAT movie by the way).
Cost: $18.00!!! for 2 people
Since when did going to the movies cost so damn much!
I remember when it was much cheaper!
But the service was excellent and I feel it was worth the price for the Alamo Drafthouse (Thats where you get real food and drinks instead of fatty popcorn and candy for a trillion bagillion dollars!)
Other theatres charge you an arm and a leg to just sit and watch the movie! I can do that @ home when the DVD comes out! L0L
Thats why I don't really go to the movies anymore unless someone else is payin' (i.e. My Boyfriend..haha j/k).
I admit, YES! I am CHEAP!
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