Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ROAD 2 NATURAL: To be or not to be...

....NATURAL that is.

I have been going back and forth in my head about this decision.

I've always been scared to go natural because my hair is SUPER thick and it will truly be a pain in the ass to maintain.

All that doesn't matter now.

I do NOT want long term damage done by continuing to RELAX my hair.

In my short 3 months as a cosmetology student, I have ALREADY heard so many HORROR stories from girls at my school, about their hair FALLING out, or their stylists having to CUT ALL their hair OFF, due to bad relaxers and color and heat styling. I see girls at my school DAMAGING their hair everyday and wonder why they HAVE NO HAIR!

I don't want to ruin my crown of glory anymore.

If natural is the way to go to do so, then SO BE IT!

I watched "GOOD HAIR" by Chris Rock about a month ago and it SCARED me straight (or should I say "curly" LOL).

They showed how relaxers have so many HARMFUL chemicals in them and then a scientist did a demonstration on how the relaxer can deteriorate a coke can!


I know there are many ways of going natural, such as the BIG CHOP (going completely bald or extra SHORT! eh.....NEH!), and growing out your relaxer (which is what I'm going to do)

Guess I'll have to invest in a lot of natural hair care products, and keep my hair in natural styles (twists, braids, maybe weaves? IDK!)

It'll be worth it in the long run though! I KNOW!

I'm already 1 month without a perm, so I'll keep on this ROAD 2 NATURAL!!


PLEASE lets support each other, this is truly a journey and it's better to have a support system!!


:-) MUAH!


  1. Great post!! I'm not natural but I have really been thinking about it! My close friend went natural. She cut off all her hair and basically her hair looks like the photo you posted! I love it. My daughter has natural curly hair. She is only two but already my hair dresser said for me to not put any chemicals or anything lke that in her hair! I have another friend who went natural by just not perming her hair. She just makes sure she has a great blowout!! I do really want to go natural and I just cut my hair super short so now is the best time..i'm still a little scared but perms and stuff have started to mess up my good!!
    sorry for the extreme long

  2. i want to go natural soon as well....but i need to do it when im at a good place with myself..(im a bit lazzy and what not).....i have some websites that can help you take care of your hair natural,transitioning and relax.....if you want any just comment back and let me know.

  3. @FaceSplashMakeup LOL i think you should try it. Honestly. Your natural hair is sooooo much stronger than the relaxed hair. I'm just 1 month in and my new growth is already SUPER long and thick!! LOL And you're actually already on your way to natural if your hair is short. I say don't relax it anymore, keep it moisturized, but if you just got to have it straight, get a texturizer :-)

    @ARoseColoredGlass Same here with me, It's gonna be so much work to maintain my hair, not only is it SUPER thick, it's SUPER curly!!! PLEASE give all the info you have, websites, books EVERYTHING would be so helpful! THANKS!!!!

  4. ok then here are some: in hair journey ect. in search engine)

    if you need any help with the websites just let me knoe......i found these sites a year ago....i was shoulder length at the time now im arm pit length....if you sign up if you tpye in my name(louisa james) to find members of the website you will see...

  5. I've been natural my whole life and I have super thick hair as well . It's not really that bad, you just have to find styles, techniques and products that work for you. Just do some research and start " experimenting " with different things. The two sites that I'm usually browsing are

    Good luck :-)

  6. Thank you all so much for the websites!!! I'll check them out! :-)


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