Monday, June 21, 2010

ROAD 2 NATURAL: Products!

I went to Sally's, my local beauty supply (NIXI), and Target this week to buy some products to kind of get me started on my "ROAD 2 NATURAL!".
I talked to some hair professionals and they recommended some of these products for me to try on my natural hair. They said that while transitioning, you should treat ALL of you hair as though it is already in its natural state, even the relaxed ends. When my hair gets to a length I can work with, I will cut my relaxed ends off! :-) No "Big Chop" necessary!
Anywhoo, here are the products I am going to try:
I've heard alot of good reviews about the "DOO GRO" line and thought maybe I should try it, since I DOO want my hair to GRO! (get it? DOO GRO!
I got the Anti-itch Growth Oil
and the Mega Thick Anti Thinning Formula for my temples and edges when I get twists or braids
I've always used products by Organic Root Stimulator so I picked up these:
Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
Coconut Oil for styling
I've also read that Aphogee products are rich in protein and good for a deep conditioning, so I picked up the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor for my breakage and chemical damage
The stylist at Sally's told me that she mixes the Aphogee 2 Min. Reconstructor and the Olive Oil Conditioner together and lets it sit on her hair for 15 minutes under a plastic cap. I think I'll try it.
My hair will love me! :-) least let's hope so!
-The Duchess

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