Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 CHEAP Beauty Products I'm LOVING at the moment!

Hey Everybody!!
Hope my readers are doing well!
Just want to take the time out and welcome the new followers of this blog and my YouTube subscribers!!
I have been M.I.A on YouTube for a while, I am a busy busy bee! Look forward to videos soon!
ANYWHOOOO, I just wanted to show you all what 5 beauty items I am absolutely in LOVE with right now!
Here they are:
Liplicious Tasty Lip Color: Bath & Body Works
Original Price: $7.00
Online SALE Price: $3.00
I have never been so in LOVE with a lip gloss! LOL
These are PERFECT, Kissable :-), and TASTY!!
Most inexpensive lip glosses that I've used have been really sticky and too heavy, but these are just right! I even think there may be a little lip plumping formula in them! ;-)
Maybelline EyeStudio Collection
Prices range from $6.00 - $10.00 +tax!
I am in LOVE with the colors and the professional look of this new collection! The colors are very pigmented and long lasting. The duos are like a cheaper version of MAC's mineralized duos (which I also own and LOVE!). I haven't bought the liner or the mascara yet, because I am biased to the HIP Cream Liner and Maybelline Great Lash (yes, that pink and green tube has got a strong hold on me!!), but I will be trying the rest of the line soon!
Maybelline CoverStick Concealer
Price: $6.00
This product is so wonderful! The texture is creamy and THICK, so it flawlessly COVERS any blemish or dark spot you may have. I've been using a lot of stick concealers lately, just because I haven't really found a liquid concealer that I've really just loved. I've used this in looks that I have created for others and it really does look good on all skin types! It's inexpensive and serves its purpose! Great product!
Profusion 98 Color Palette
Price: $6.50 if you can find it @ ROSS!
Online price: $9.99
I wasn't expecting this product to be that great because of the DIRT CHEAP price and it was at ROSS, but i was proved verrry wrong! This palette is highly pigmented, shimmery but not overpowering, & the color payoff is wonderful. Great product with an even greater price tag! ;-)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
Price: $12.00 + tax
I have learned, in purchasing makeup, that EXPENSIVE does not always mean that its better. You have to give your drugstore makeup a chance! Well, I took a chance on this foundation and I fell in LOVE with this product! I really don't need foundation on my face, and I don't wear it all the time, but whenever I put this foundation on my face, it feels like nothing is there. It's so weightless and has exceptional coverage. Honestly, I'd rather use Revlon Colorstay than MAC foundation, unless a makeup artist applies it to my face. I use a stippling brush from coastal scents to apply. I've heard nothing but great reviews about Colorstay!
Hope you enjoy my picks!


  1. I wanted to try the new Maybelline products but ever time I go to the store they are sold out everywhere. I can't believe that they are that popular.

  2. yes I am in love with them!! You might be able to order them online if you can't find them in stores!

  3. I love Revlon ColorStay!! I just can never find my perfect skintone =( Have you ever tried Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse? I've heard good things about it via youtube but havent tried it yet!


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